Sunday Services

We know how hard it can be to walk into an existing group of people, so we wanted to take the time to describe what happens at our Sunday Services.


Running Order

Our Sunday Service is when we get together as a family to enjoy God together. We have a running order, and aim to start and finish on time.

11:00 – Praise / Worship
11:25 – Teaching
11:55 – Communion & Offering
12:00 – Worship
12:15 – Close

Before the meeting start we have a short prayer time at 10:30. Our services have a structure but we are relatively informal. Please feel free to join in our worship in whatever way you feel comfortable. We are happy if you want to stand, sit, join in the singing or simply observe. Although we have a running order, we are fairly flexible and so it may be slightly different.

Our children are an important part of our church family and its our hope that coming to church will be a positive experience for them. Please don’t worry if they make a bit of noise or move a round during the service. However we do have a parent & baby area behind the shutters where you can still hear the service if you wish to use it.

Our children’s workers are DBS checked and we operate a good child protection policy however parents are welcome to accompany their children. We provide activities for the children to do during the service.


The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The bible teaches us that God gives his followers spiritual gifts to build one another up and we seek to use these gifts as part of our worship. We seek to use these gifts in an orderly way and explain where necessary. However if you have any questions about anything you experience please speak to Raj.